A close-knit team of lawyers of different
specializations and generations
Shchedrin Dmitry Mikhailovich
Since 2003 he has been working in the Patent Office "Brainman" ("Shchedrin and Partners").
In 2004 he graduated from the international faculty of MIREA with a degree in System Engineering.
In 2006, he graduated from the Law Faculty of RUDN University with a degree in Civil Law.
Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation since 2005.
Since 2009, a partner in the company Shchedriny & Partners.

• Settlement of disputes in the Court of Intellectual Rights, Arbitration Courts, Rospatent, FAS, FCS, in cases related to the legal protection of trademarks, objects of patent and copyright.
• Registration of trademarks, registration and registration of transactions for the disposal of exclusive rights, deposit of copyright.
• Consulting, preparation of legal opinions and legal representation in the field of intellectual, antitrust, contract, corporate law, TMT.

Member of the Council of the RF CCI on Intellectual Property
Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation No. 1045
Member of the Chamber of Patent Attorneys
Candidate Master of Sports in Chess
Leader of workshops on intellectual property
at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Kurashko Andrey Gennadievich
In 2001 he graduated from the Moscow Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
In 2004, he studied at the Moscow State Law Academy (MGLA).

Since 2007, he worked at a well-known national law firm, one of the top 5 law firms in Russia, where he gained experience in dealing with arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.
In 2008, he took part in the formation of the legal service of one of the state corporations.
Since 2010, he carried out legal work as a lawyer in a public organization. Main practices: contesting illegal and unreasonable decisions of state bodies; representation in arbitration courts on cases related to corporate conflicts, full legal support for the activities of a non-profit organization and the media.

Since 2011, collaborates with the Patent Office "Brainman" ("Shchedrins and Partners"). Main competencies: disputes with Rospatent and representation in courts on the legal protection of trademarks and patent law objects.

Since 2015, a partner of the company Shchedriny & Partners.
Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation No. 1891.
Professional interests include, in particular, issues of resolving economic disputes (recognition of transactions as invalid and non-concluded, recovery of losses) and disputes with administrative authorities, the specifics of considering cases in higher instances, in particular questions of the grounds for canceling court decisions on grounds of violation of the unity of judicial practice.

Shchedrin Mikhail Borisovich
Higher technical education (MPEI).
Candidate of technical sciences, in the years 70-80 he worked as an expert in VNIIGPE (Soviet Patent Office).

Since 1993, Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation (reg. No. 36).
One of the founders of the Brainman Patent Office, for a long time he headed the intellectual property department of one of the largest Russian manufacturing companies.

The author of a large number of scientific articles and inventions.
Professional Interests:
• Consulting and preparation of legal opinions in the field of patent, copyright, contract law.
• Inventory, audit, accounting of intangible assets.
• Patenting of inventions, utility models, industrial designs, conducting patent searches.
• Development of copyright, license agreements, alienation agreements, registration of transactions for the disposal of exclusive rights in Rospatent.
• R&D support in terms of securing and registering rights to the intellectual component of the created scientific and technical products.

Filippov Vasily Alekseevich
Higher education: City College Plymouth (Great Britain), Advanced Business.
Since 2009, a partner in the Patent Office "Brainman" ("Shchedrins and Partners").

Professional Interests:
• Consulting and preparation of legal opinions in the field of patent and migration law.
• Consulting foreign customers.
• Representation of interests of Russian customers abroad.
• Representation of interests of foreign customers in Russia.
• Patenting of inventions, utility models and industrial designs in Russia and abroad, conducting patent searches.
• Registration of trademarks in Russia and abroad.
• Challenging the decisions of Rospatent.

Senior lawyer
Bogomolov Yuri Mikhailovich
He graduated from the Moscow State Law Academy in 1998.
From February 1997 to September 1999 he worked at the A.R. Consulting and Co. Ltd. ", from September 1999 to July 2011 - at the Law Firm" YUST ", in 2012 - at the leasing company" Option-TM ", in 2011-2015. Engaged in private practice.

He conducts legal proceedings in the field of corporate, insurance, inheritance, labor law, rental, loan relations, contesting decisions of company management bodies, collecting debts under leasing, supply contracts, recovering losses and forfeits, and recovering property from someone else's illegal possession, about contesting transactions on the grounds of nullity and invalidity, eviction, release of property from arrest, contesting the actions of authorities, recognition of ownership; professional interests include the specifics of considering cases in higher courts, the grounds for canceling judicial acts. Represents clients as part of enforcement proceedings. He has significant experience in legal audit of enterprises.
Over the entire career, among clients there were companies from various sectors of entrepreneurial activity, including import, supply, manufacturing sector, and trading business. He advised citizens in the areas of inheritance, marriage and family relations, recovering losses, contesting transactions, protecting consumer rights.
He participated in seminars of the American Bar Association, the Russian-Swiss Forum at the Federal Chamber of Lawyers, and in the activities of the Civil Initiatives Committee.
He is the author of several articles in well-known industry publications (Commercial Law Bulletin of the American Bar Association, New Lawyer Newspaper).

Tax consultant
Shmeleva Tatyana Lvovna
Higher technical education (MPEI).
Certificate of the Institute of Professional Accountants at the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. Qualification: professional accountant, expert accountant (consultant).

Since 1998, she has been working as chief accountant in organizations with various legal forms, forms of ownership and business profiles (legal support for intellectual property, IT companies, construction, installation and commissioning, design, examination, wholesale and retail trade, marketing research, public services ) He has experience in passing inspections of regulatory bodies (tax and labor inspectorates, off-budget funds, switchgear). Provided services to individuals, including in relation to income tax (preparation of personal income tax return, tax deductions) and registered as individual entrepreneurs.

His professional interests include advising on accounting and tax accounting, including tax optimization, minimizing tax risks, and finding innovative solutions in the context of dynamically developing legislation.

Iksanov Ilya Samatovich
Education: Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

Associate Professor, Department of Social and Legal Disciplines, Faculty of Law, Financial University under the Government of Russia.

Editor-in-chief of the journal "Actual problems of modern legislation".

PhD in Law.

FIDE Chess Master.